About us

Our innovation is simple, we are not pioneers in this field of ride-hailing, but our promise is, we have taken care of the small details that most organisations don’t think about to ensure your experience is enjoyable and seamless. Above all we will take you from point A to point B, faster, conveniently, and cheaper. We developed a budget ride sharing platform. This has been achieved by looking at all concerned partners, us as Cab Links, our captains (Drivers) and main partners (riders). Each partner pays their own expenses, this makes this platform a reasonable fair and cheaper in the market and our captains(drivers) do not pay referal or service commission deductions. We believe facts do the talking and what you see as a rider thus what you pay, and what you see as a driver thus what you get. We aim to be one of the best e hailing service provider in the market.

Safety of our partners has been taken into account, we constantly come up with different options and innovations  to keep our partners safe.

We have opened up opportunities to those who did not have chances to bring their vehicles in the taxi industry, most importantly already registered taxis are welcome, as long as they meet minimum requirements. This applies also to certain vehicles that have been long considered as none taxi quality due to their shapes or models, in some towns and cities such vehicles are comfortable accepted.

Our operations are not city based, but street wise, meaning we operate anywhere where partners are available and willing to work with us. There are cities and towns that have been marginalised due to their population, such areas are covered on our platform.