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Whatsapp hailing

Social media has become part of our lives and its difficult to live without being part of it. Whatsapp being one of the best platforms used worldwide, we have introduced whatsapp ehailing, you can now call your taxi without leaving your chats, in three easy step, follow prompts, select your pickup location and send it to our whatsapp number +27 60070 2626, and in three easy steps, our system will scan nearby available taxis, confirm it by sending the estimated time of arrival, car type, registration number, driver contact details and the otp to start your ride. In less than 60 seconds you will be ready to go. This will help a lot in saving you data, those with only whatsapp data bundles can now also book a cab. Above all if you are paying cash you dont even need to download the app.

This number will cater for all the countries we operate in for now, we are busy working on seperate numbers per country and soon each country will have its local number. This is the first of its kind in Southern Africa, try it, you will love it. All you you need is to save the number and you will be good to go. [Oct 1, 2020]

One Time Pin (OTP)

This year (2020), January we introduced a security feature called One Time Pin, this pin helps both the driver and the rider. Once the driver accepts the ride, the rider receives an OTP that he/she will use to start the ride once the driver arrives. This helps the rider not to enter into the wrong vehicle, it also help the rider not to be wrongly charged by scrupulous drivers who may start the ride before there arrive to them. On the driver’s side it helps the driver not to pick up the wrong clients. This has proved to be a game changer in the industry and others has started to follow suit.